Forêt Ultra ultra-trail

Welcome to the official homepage for the Forêt Ultra instant ultra-trail. The Forêt Ultra instant ultra-trail is a positive and creative outcome of the COVID-19 lockdown from March till June 2021 in Belgium. We have discovered all the spectacular, main and hidden paths of the Forêt de Soignes. The result is here and alive: a pure ultra-trail route (approximately 60 km) across the forest, with an incredible combination of cultural and natural sites.

This is not a “real” competition rather a possibility to explore both the external and the inner paths, while respecting nature, culture and the self. Given that the trail is designed as an instant trail, no outside support is available, nevertheless there are possibilities for refreshment points.


For the GPX file, please contact:

The route contains four sections:

1. Groenendaal-La Hulpe-Groenendaal section (16.5 km)

2. Groenendaal- Tervuren section (16 km)

3. Tervuren Park – Rouge Cloitre/ADEPS – Parc Tournay-Solvay/Tournay-Solvaypark section (19 km)

4. Parc Tournay-Solvay/Tournay-Solvaypark – Groenendaal Abbey section (11.5 km)

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Gertrud Kendernay-Nagyidai
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18 July 2020
10 April 2022

6:51:26 (new time)
Richard McGeehan6 September 20205:53:36
Botond Torok Illyes
Zoltan Szilvai
12 September 20209:56:03
Alexandre Oristyle
Thibault Simonet
Lander Debrabande
20 June 20216 :38 :35
Valentin Borremans
Benjamin Bergiers
12 November 20217:27
Bert Vanmarcke22 December 2021 7:29
Guido Heerman Junior22 January 20226:22
Jeremie Daels20 March 20225:07
Alexis Doclot27 May 20227: 14:06
Wouter Verheyen
Jeroen Gotzen
27 July 20224:59:27 – CR
Julien Le Doré
Nicolas Vanhulst
5 October 20227:20:48
Brigitta Balassa Hamikus
Zsuzsanna Timár
Somos Judit
26 March 202315:15
Benoit Hansez
Fanny Jean
2 December 20237:20

Course records

Richard McGeehen6 September 2020-20 March 20225:53:36
Jeremie Daels20 March 2022 – 27 July 20275:07
Wouter Verheyen
Jeroen Gotzen
27 July 2022 – 4:59:27