Tervuren Park – Rouge Cloitre/ADEPS –Parc Tournay-Solvay/Tournay-Solvay park section (19 km)

Tervuren Park loop will be a 4 km long run in the wonderland of lakes. You enter the park through the Capuchins’ gate and follow Grotenvaartdreef on the right side of the “first” lake under the shadows of a magnificent platanus archade. Turn to the left after the “second” lake at Mathieuweg conjunction continuing on the bank of the “third” lake Perkbosdreef. After passing the “fourth” lake you turn to the left and now you run parallel to Vossemvijver, the biggest and “fifth” lake. From here the view is scenic over the lake. You pass by the Spanish House (Het Spaanse Huis) and if you are lucky or run this section on a Sunday afternoon, you can have a quick refreshment here. You turn to the right on the Spaanshuisdreef and cross the two lakes Gordaalvijver and Vossemvijver. Reaching the other side of the lake you turn left on the Keizerindreef and run until you see on your right the Africa Museum. Here you turn to the left to cross again two lakes or rather a canal and a lake on a traverse and turn to the right on the Spaanshuisdreef. Say farewell to the lakes and turn left on the Bloemenperkdreef. Reaching another car parking spot at the end of this path you follow slightly on your left Torendreef, then turn to your right on Kleine Vaartdreef, then after a few meters turn left – once again to say goodbye to the lakes – and leave the park through Capuchins’ gate.

You cross the Duisburgsesteenweeg and continue your run on the bicycle road on your right, heading into the Sonian Forest. Reaching the Koninklijke Wandeling you turn to the left enjoying a relaxing short “downhill”. Turning to the right you are again on the Kapucijnendreef but after few meters you turn right to Dreefnbergstraat. Here you spend only a few meters then turn to the left to Reeweg. Attention, this is the very first possibility, easy to miss this small path. After reaching the Droge Vijverdreef, which you simply cross by turning to the right and then to the left, where you enter the Tervuren Arboretum. Again, this is a small path not even on the map! But don’t worry, you will shortly reach the Arboretumwandeling, which will guide you through the spectacular collection of trees and herbs. After reaching Tervuren Arboretum car parking, you cross Vlaktedreef and turn to the right to Ravensteindreef. After a while you slightly turn left to an unnamed smaller path, which is almost parallel to Ravensteindreef which will take a really sharp left turn. Attention if you have reached the Tervuren parking next to the R0, then I’m sorry, but you are at the wrong spot. Turn back and take the very first small path to your right. This path is parallel to the R0 and leads you to a small pond where you follow Kleineflossendelleweg crossing underneath R0. The name of the path on other side of the highway called Bezemboomweg. Continue on this path then turn left to Graafdreef, then keep right towards Vijversweg, which lead you to the lakes of Rouge Cloitre. Here you can enjoy the amazing and vivid bird life of the Red Monastery. Leaving behind the lakes and the monastery you cross the E411 highway underneath through a parking spot and turn to the right where in 200 meters you reach ADEPS. This is the main refreshment point, so take your time to fill up your flasks.

After having your well-deserved cheese cake and lait russe you leave ADEPS and turn right into the forest on Sentier des Pins/Pijnenvoetpad. This is a marvellous path runs parallel to a steam usually dried out. Crossing Chemin de Diependelle/Diependelleweg you keep continue on the “Pine path” until you reach Dreve de Tambour/Tamboerdreef. Turn right and basically follow this route until you run out of the forest. Here you start a short city-trail by turning to the left on Rue de Buis/Buksboomstraat, passing the Watermael-Boitsfort cemetery you turn to the right on Chaussée de la Hulpe/Terhulpsesteenweg where you will find another oasis Proxy Delhaize, which is the very last opportunity to get water or other refreshments. Continuing further you turn to the left and cross Avenue de la Foersterie/Vrosterielaan and continue on Chemin des Silex/Vuursteenweeg passing the lakes of Boitsfort. You keep to the left and enter the magical Tournay Solvay Park.