For the GPX file, please contact:

  1. The start and finish are at Inverde in Groenendaal, but these can be adapted freely to any point on the route, as long as the full route is completed.
  2. The round can be completed at any time.
  3. Pre-registration is not necessary. As proof of completion the Strava link with a record of the run needs to be submitted to this email address:
  4. The GPX route should be followed. Minor adaptations are acceptable, if some reference points are passed and the total distance covered is at least 56 km.
  5. Points of reference: Groenendael; Old Hippodrome; Chateau la Hulpe; Inverde; Lienard, the Oak; Tervuren park – bridge across the African Museum; arboretum, Rouge Cloitre, Park Tournay-Solvay; Brussels bombing memorial; the green container on Chemin du Hangar/Hangarweg; St. Cornelius chapel; Inverde.
  6. There is no support provided for the run, but using support teams for food or drink re-supply is acceptable.
  7. During opening hours, it is possible to use Delhaize, Inverde, ADEPs for re-supply.
  8. The round can be completed individually or in a group.
  9. Every finisher’s name will be added to the finishers’ list. The cut-off time for runners is 7.5 hours. Multiple recordings for the same persons in case of multiple completions are possible.
  10. By sending your personal data you consent to the privacy policy of the webpage.