Groenendaal- Tervuren section (16 km)

Once you have completed the check-in, you need to head toward the Abbey church, pass the barrier and continue on the gravel road long the lake (Emperor Charles V Pond) shore. You will pass two boards with information on the history of Groenendaal monastery and its funder, John of Ruusbroec, run  along the pond leaving it only in its far-left corner when you cross Duboislaan. Pass the carpark on your left on the paved Tumuliweg, until you reach the point where it crosses Sint-Corneliusdreef. Here you take a right, follow Sint-Corneliusdreef until it turns into a narrow footpath, here you turn to the left and run parallel to N275. Reaching Dreve des Bonniers/Bunderdreef you take a right, pass the apple orchard on the left with optional goats, the forest authorities’ house on the right with an explicit white statue in its garden, cross N275, pass the barrier and continue on Dreve Hendrickx/Hendrickxdreef for about 200m and then take a slight left onto Dreve du Comte de Flandre/Graaf  van Vlaanderendreef. At the junction you take second footpath to the right, Sentier du Vallon des Chènes/Eikendalvoetpad, and follow it under the birch trees until you arrive to Lienard, The Oak (named after Ulysse Lienard, principal engineer of the water and forest administration between 1960-1976). You continue on this footpath, cross Drève de Bonne-Odeur/Willeriekendreef and soon the path will be join and then run parallel with a most of the year dry streambed. You leave the path and the stream to follow Drève des Mésanges/Mezendreef and then Drève du Tambour/Tamboerdreef, two times to the right.  You pass the tunnel and take Petite Drève des Mésanges/Mezendreeftje on the left for a short while before leaving it to follow Drève du Prince/Prinsendreef to the right. Soon you reach Drève des Charmes/Haagbeukendreef, where you turn right for a xxx meters. Just before arriving to the junction with Bosuildreef, you take a small footpath to the left and follow it until it meets Kapucijnendreef. You take a left onto Kapucijnendreef and you follow it all the way until it becomes Isabelledreef and then you keep on until you reach the brick walls of Tervuren-park, which you enter through Capucijnenpoort (Capuchins’ gate). The parking lot outside the walls is normally empty and thus could serve as a good place for a “tailgate” support station.